What is EMUS Community?

EMUS Community – an online marketplace for restaurants that register with us

This will represent your private web-based DELIVERY, TAKE-OUT and RESERVATION system that allows you to manage your menus and daily specials, their availability and prices. It will increase your revenue with at least 100%, by allowing your loyal clientele to order their favorite food anytime from anywhere for pick-up, delivery or eat-in. You can also manage your customer base by granting them access to your online site and rewarding your loyal clients
Emus Community
What is EMUS Community?
Why should you implement EMUS Community?
How does it work?
What do I need to implement it?
How much it will cost me?
EMUS member
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How does it work?

After registration with Realm Corp you will receive 2 software modules:

1. EMUS Restaurant – This application will receive all the orders sent through the portal straight to your kitchen. It will provide information about who sent it and at what time it was recorded and no information will be lost in the process. Through this application you are able to change the availability of dishes, therefore if you run out of a dish, your clients will be notified in an instant. You could also set up what menus are available at that moment: lunch, dinner and so on.
2. EMUS Manager – This application is used by you to input menus, specials and their prices. This is the back-office application that will allow you to update all the information and also will generate reports about revenue, dish consumption, etc. When new customers add your restaurant to their portfolio, a list is generated and sent it to you, allowing you to handle their request to order from your menus. You have the option of either granting or rejecting their request.
What do I need to implement it?
At least one computer, that will host the EMUS Restaurant and the EMUS Manager applications, and an internet connection to allow your consumers to access your menus and be able to send orders. As long you are connected to the internet and your EMUS Restaurant application is connected at our servers, your clientele will see the status of your kitchen on-line and will be able to order.
How much it will cost me?
$149.95* Registration fee.         NO REGISTRATION FEES...  When joining the EMus Community you will get:
Two software application licenses to manage your online network
 Initial activation
Advertisement of you Restaurant in conjunction with Emus Community Advertising kickoff
Emus Member logo sticker for placement on store front door
Emus Member business cards (100), with your Restaurants ID for in-store or deliver distribution
Licenses to use the Emus Logo on approved independent advertisements as being a Emus Member
Customer Support
 $9.95 monthly fee     NO MONTHLY FEES
$0.50 per transaction fee, payable by the customers, not by the restaurant
$1.00 reservation fee, charged to you, only the accepted reservations will be charged

Additional Paid Services:
 $2.95 monthly fee for uploading and hosting the restaurant logo
 $25 per week advertisement fee for each community/city, your banner will be placed on the top of everyone’s portfolio within that community, regardless whether your restaurant belongs to that portfolio or not. For each community are only 5 spots to be rented out.
$35  for uploading the menu if you choose not to do this task yourself. Usually takes around 3 hours to enter all your menus and you could do it yourself with the software provided to you. Just fax us or email your menus and within 2-3 business days we will be entering the menu for you.

Click here for an instant quote. When you decide to join the EMus Community mail/fax back to us the Quote with additional information ( see section EMus Member to see what information we do need from you), and within 2-3 days you will receive a package with the software and instruction how to connect your application to our server and become visible to outside world.
People are waiting to view your menus and order live from you. No more missed calls and above all no busy signals.

Become an EMUS member today!

Why should you implement EMUS Community?
Increase the take-out and delivery revenue
Increase the purchase frequency of your loyal clientele
Improve the quality and accuracy of the information delivered to your customers
Better kitchen management
Cost effective
The fat and calories content is easily displayed and maintained
Multiple languages translations